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ALIAS, the world’s first passive self-ligating square slot lingual bracket.

Developed through collaboration with world-renowned lingual leaders, Dr Kyoto Takemoto and Dr Giuseppe Scuzzo, Alias combines straight wire lingual mechanics with a square slot to simplify treatment and enhance torque and rotational control.


  • Easy to open and close. The self-ligating slide makes archwire changes faster and easier.
  • Single-patient kits (SPK) are available to suit doctor preferences.
  • Customised indirect bonding setup, making bracket placement fast, simple and accurate.


  • Passive self-ligating mechanics.  The passive self-ligating brackets and optimal-force wires are designed to reduce friction and accelerate treatment.
  • Straight-wire mechanics: the straight arch facilitates sliding.
  • Simplified finishing bends. The lingual straight arch is similar to a labial straight arch but finishing bends are simpler.
  • Enhanced rotational and torque control. The patented .018 x .018 square slot provides optimal control and results.

Advantages of the Alias system

Discover all the advantages of the Alias bracket

Easy to open and close, with passive self-ligating mechanics

The patented square slot enhances torque and rotation control

Customised indirect bonding set up

Main characteristics of the Alias system.

With patient comfort in mind, the Alias bracket features rounded contours and a low profile. Alias is designed to deliver optimal results, the ease of use that orthodontists expect and the aesthetic treatment that patients demand.

Easy to open

The innovative SpinTeck slide facilitates fast and comfortable wire changes.

Easy to close

Simply close slide with finger pressure or a tweezer.

Square archwire slot .018x.018

The patented .018 x .018 square passive self-ligating slot and straight wire sliding mechanics improve rotational and torque control, allowing the orthodontist to achieve optimal results.

Straight wire

Replacing the traditional mushroom-shaped lingual archwire with a straight wire allows for easier coordination of upper and lower archwires, improved sliding mechanics and simpler finishing bends.

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